I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  

"Ruth consistently gives my favorite massage - skill, technique, pressure and an innate talent for finding what needs to be worked on or where her focus needs to linger.  Add to that a calming, compassionate energy that welcomes anyone from friend or stranger and allows for a deeper sense of relaxation and peace when the session is done.  She's wonderful, and you will not be disappointed with her work."

Rebecca S  



"I've had massage work and reiki by many providers. I really have to say that Ruth is the most gifted bodywork provider I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on me. Her massages are thorough and even when she isn’t incorporating a “reiki” session into your massage, she exudes that same kind of healing energy as she massages.  She is an artist in that as she massages, she truly is able to insert and love energy where it needs to go. I always feel lighter, balanced, grounded, and have less pain after my sessions. I won’t go to anyone else!❤️"

Jen Conpropst 

"Ruth is an outstanding massage therapist and a great person!  She pays attention to and is in tune with my body in a very unique way that I have never experienced when getting a massage from anyone else.  I leave every appointment feeling like the weight of the world has literally been lifted off me."


Rachel D.

Endicott, NY


"I have been fortunate enough to have Ruth as my massage therapist. She uses unique techniques that stimulates and clears any physical baggage or strain. I highly recommend her services and can confidently say she has given me by far the most comfortable, affordable and affective massage I've ever had!! Thank you Ruth" 💗

Rachel Evans

Supply, NC

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